Moving from CFP to BPC Academy. Is it possible without paying the signup fee?

In special circumstances it will be possible to move from CFP to BPC Academy. Keep in mind that there are a few conditions:

1) You can only move to the same type of game. Aka, you can move from CFP 6max to BPC Academy 6max. You can NOT move from CFP PLO to BPC Academy 6max.

2) It has to be done in one week (7days) after quitting CFP. If you wait any longer than that, you will have to pay the same security deposit like everybody else. If you have special reasons, let us know, but this is our normal policy

3) Of course your CFP contract has to be terminated cleanly, all possible outstanding shares paid


The main reason why we would allow this is because one could say that the BPC Academy is "cfp light". So while CFP is on another level, more advanced, more intense and more Database tools, more coachings... at the Academy you will see some materials that you know from CFP.
In other words, even if things didn't work out, you're a friend of BPC and we're gonna treat you like a friend!

When in doubt, send an email to support. We are here to help you!

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