Log-in problems for (only for CFP!!!)

If you can't log-in into your account (do NOT confuse this with your account on our main site, they are two different systems), there are two possible reasons:

1) You have simply forgotten your password. Try to reset and go from there! Check Spam filters.

2) You have the correct password and log-in. When you try to recover your password you receive the message "email is not registered". How do you fix this problem?

Unless you are very new, this very likely means that your account has been deactivated because you have not updated your bankroll regularly or have not done other parts that were agreed on the contract. You have broken the agreement in Coaching For Profits, which then leads to closing your account. Communication is very important to us.

If you have told us before about freezing your account for a certain time because of vacation or something else, don't worry. Just send us a copy of your email to support and all is going to be fine.

Please contact and we will see what we can do for you.

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