I struggle (CFP only) and would like to know what to do (and or can i get one-on-one with a coach to look at my problem)...


all of us struggle. Even the biggest winners at CFP, those who finished the contract the fastest and made the most money - even they struggled ... A LOT (at times).

Before you send an Email to your coach and whine about your bad luck or ask for extra advice, make sure you have done the following:

1) Did you invest 200 hours for at least 3 consecutive months? (and/or put in significant volume)

In order to become very good very fast, you need to put in time. There is no way around it. If you play little hours and don't study, what do you expect? Our best people work 200 hour months when they are on VACATION.
Don't ask for more coaching if you play 15 hours per week. Your problem is not playing enough. Play more.

2) Have you done all the chapters + homework + quizzes? Have you gone through all of the materials given to you? Database reports. Did you follow them and actively track your progress in these areas?

If not, don't even dare to email and cry. We will do everything to make you win. However, if you are not doing what you are told to do, you're just a little crybaby who needs some serious ass-kicking.

3) Are you active in the live-coachings and have you asked many questions there, regularly? Do you participate in discussions in the coachings and on forums?

If you haven't asked for help, do it now, but don't complain! Our promise is to always answer every single question. Of course not something like "how to play AK", but you prepare a hand, ask a question, share your thoughts and the coach will answer. Guaranteed. Every single question gets answered. If not, report the case to us and there will be serious consequences for the coach (he broke the BPC iron-helping-student-no-matter-what rules) + we will make up for it.
So unless this has not happened, asking for 1-1 is - don't hate me - attention whoring. Tough words, but you're here for the truth, no?
Of course, at a certain stage, you are eligible for 1-1, but you and your coach know if that's the case. 5k and 10k contracts have no 1-1 coachings. The bigger programs have, but there are also conditions on minimum hours you have to play.

4) Are you game-selecting and only playing the games that your coach told you to play. Or the right site where the softest games are?

If not, stop whining you dumbass. You don't listen to advice, you're just a stupid attention-whore. There is no "magic" piece of advice that will change your life tomorrow. Progress is doing the right steps, one step at a time, every single day. If you don't follow those steps, why should we waste any time on you?

5) Have you checked the Variance Calculator?

Here it is: . Please understand variance and that it sometimes can be quite brutal. The lower your winrate, the higher the variance will be and especially FEEL. Variance is the last "excuse" you should use to not win. However, it could be part.

So depending on your game, don't send us a 5000 hand sample and ask what you are doing wrong. 5000 hands is NOTHING. So make sure you watch the video about variance and understand it


If you have done all of 1-4, then please contact us, because of course, we will do EVERYTHING in our power to help you. We just realized that 95% of emails we (the coaches) get are attention-seeking.

There's nothing wrong with wanting more attention, but you can get that in coachings and by putting in work... you will DESERVE attention.

So this little FAQ here should kill your inner pu$$y.

Gogogo, I'm rooting for you!!!!!

- Gordon


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