What is the BPC Club and which type of content will I get access to?

The BPC Club is a way for us to show you around BPC. It's like a tasting Menu in a 5-star restaurant. You will be able to learn a lot, get access to complete courses, but also learn different types of games.

In the past we have sold courses for up to 500 Euro each (yes, 500 Euro for each course and we have sold a lot of them). Now that we have quite a few courses, we want to simplify our offering.

You are getting thousands of Euro of value for 30 Euro/month. The reason we change the model to a monthly membership is also that we want to earn your loyalty every month. We understand that you could watch a lot of material and just cancel after one month.

Our job and challenge is to give you so much value that you will either want to deepen your learning experience (at the BPC Academy) or stay willing to pay the monthly membership

Here is the type of content you can expect to see:

  • Collection of high quality courses that teach various topics and concepts
  • High quality learning material, with quizzes and self-evaluation
  • You will be able to learn about any topic, MTT, Cash, SNGs (check for updates what variants of poker are covered and which not)
  • Fun and entertaining way to learn
  • Certificates for completing courses

Here is a specific list of courses you will have access to:

  • No-Bullshit 6-max Poker
  • NoBS Poker Math
  • TiltFreeToday
  • Secrets of the Poker Millionaire Mind
  • How to Become a Poker Millionaire
  • Taking Notes
  • Mini Combo Pack

Member Rewards

Every 3 months as a subscriber, you get to choose your FREE GIFT among one of the following courses:

  • Mastering 3bet Pots Course 
  • How to Crush Fish
  • HU Mastermind Course


The emphasis is on a fun environment where you can learn about simple to advanced concepts in poker. The main difference to our other programs is that in the BPC club you do not have daily access to our coaches, but still very high quality materials. Of course you can always ask us if anything is unclear.

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