Who should join and who should not join the BPC Academy

For Whom is it:

  • You want to study poker step-by-step. At the BPC Club you learn general concepts and sound play. At the BPC Academy you will learn not only those concepts, but how to apply them in every single situation possible
  • At 6max Cash, we have specific videos on how to play 77-99, how to play vs check-raises and all the suggestions we have for you are not only good advice, but also scientifically tested (winning moves in a 50million+ hands database) AND field tested (normal IQ human people will win using our strategies...not just the most talented poker geniuses)
  • You like high quality material, but also being guided by a (human) coach and ask all questions without having to pay $100 or even $500+ per hour


For Whom it isn’t:

  • If you are already consistently making more than $3000/month (in this case the only option you have and should choose is the CFP, so we can help you make $10k+/month)
  • You are on a very limited budget and not want to feel out first. No pressure. You should join the BPC Club first. Our first goal is to help you even if it means less money for us
  • If you haven’t figured out yet which variant of poker you like most (PLO, 6max cash, MTT etc)
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