Can i have a different share % and lower security deposit , because... ?

NO. We treat everybody the same way. We don't care about why you deserve something better than the rest.

Actually we have often seen losing NL10 players succeed faster than slighly winning NL50 players. Why? The losing/slighly winning NL10 player knows that he sucks and will listen 100% to what we teach. One of them actually made $5000 in his first month with us (Nubson, our HU Coach).

We have heard every story possible, but the truth is that we do not give out special conditions. When you join our team, you will all be treated the same. You will have to earn respect through hard work, even if you are the son of the president.

What counts for us is WORK.

Only exception:

You have successfully completed a CFP program with us. In this case you fully deserve a discount or a special offer. You have proven a lot and you have a status inside of BPC.

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