Can I change or switch to a different program in CFP?

Yes, you will be able to do this. We let you as a student decide, because we realize that the best thing for you is to be motivated. However, you will have to pay a new security deposit for the other program. 

Rejoining another program would mean you are quitting the old program and starting a new one. Like anybody else who wants to join a program and a security deposit is required. However, in good spirit - because you are on the team - when you finish the program you have switched to, you will get ALL security deposits refunded. 

If you are interested in this solution, let us know the program you would like to switch to. 

Why we have this rule:

We have this rule because our programs run independently and it would be unfair to our coaches. Sometimes a program change can be useful for a fresh start. However, if your problem is not listening to coaches, changing the program will not help you. The secret to success is listening to your coaches.

Are there any exceptions?:

If you have a long history of working 200hours/month, then we will consider letting you switch programs without having to pay another deposit. Email to support and we will forward the issue to our CFP Manager who will take care of the case.

Otherwise, don't ask for exceptions. We treat you fairly, but this also means not giving special treatment to anybody just because of you sending us a 2-page story. This is Coaching For Profits!!! The Hardcore Program! We treat you from Man to Man. Did you forget this?

Positive Example:
Hall-of-fame member and CFP 60k HU finisher Lauri was profiting a lot from switching programs.


Negative Example:

We will not name the student, but the student was not listening to the coach in the first program and did not listen and argued with coaches in the second program as well. Changing the program did not help him, because he played poker like he wanted - of course that did not work out very well.

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