I don't want to do the homeworks because ....

You joined this program for a reason right? Do you expect to do nothing and success automatically coming your way?

CFP is different, mainly because you do not pay for coaching (until you win). This means that we invest our time and a lot of money (quality coaches and creating quality programs costs a LOT of money).
If things don't work out for whatever reason, that is the risk we take.

However, you can't join our program, get free coaching and then make the rules as well. That is extremely disrespectful to the people who work hard for you. Especially those who work hard in the background to make the program better every day.

Sometimes you don't like to do things, but often they are the MOST IMPORTANT things to do. We know what works, our success speaks for itself. If doing a little task/homework is too much for you, how the f*** do you think you deserve big success?

We will not accept your stories on how you are so different. If you want to be a special snowflake, EARN IT. Play 200hrs/month and then ask your coach in one of the sessions. If he agrees, then we can agree as well.


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