Profit errors

*NOTE: This feature of the Dashboard is available only for CFP students.



This guide shows you the most common reasons for why you might have errors in the profits stats after making the Daily Bankroll Update.

1. You didn't Save your Cashout - after your cashout is approved, you have to go ahead and save it, and then do immediately a bankroll update.

You can save the cashout from Finances > Make a transaction > Cashout > Save



2. You paid the share request from your own money or added more money to your bankroll

The system knows that you will pay the share from the profits you make so after paying you have to reduce the bankroll (when you update) by the amount of the share you paid. If you don't, it will show as profit.

The same happens when you add more money to your bankroll but don't "tell" the system that you did. To do it is very simple:



3. Approved cashouts that you forgot to save

Simply check under Finances > Make a transaction > Cashout


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