How to join a coaching session

Coachings are held via GoToWebinar. You do not need an account at GoToWebinar to register and participate in the sessions


1. Check this already opened tab at the top of your Dashboard:

You will be taken to a registration page, that will look something like this:


Enter your information, and register for the webinar.

You will receive a confirmation email about the webinar. In that email, there will be the joining link. When the time for the webinar comes, you can join by clicking that link, or the original link you received for registration. Most likely the link will be posted in Skype again.

If this is your first time joining a webinar, you will be prompted to download their software (it's all free, you do not need to register anything). 3


Then run the file and install the application. You will now be able to join the webinar at the designated time. YOu join the webinar by clicking the link you get.


Once you joined the webinar, the software interface is very simple. You will be muted by default. If you would like to speak or answer a question, raise your hand.


You cannot unmute yourself, unless you were unmuted by a presented.

Only if you were unmuted by a presenter in the webinar, and you then muted yourself, you have the option to unmute yourself. 

Unmute yourself as shown on the image below.


You cannot chat with anybody during the seminar. THIS IS NOT SKYPE.

Do not chat into the field where it says Enter a question for staff!!!
Use that field ONLY if you have a question for the presenter. Nobody else can see what you type in there.



In case your panel disappears from the screen, look for the orange arrow. This arrow expands or collapses the control panel.



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