How to install and run Uhlvar Equity

Uhlvar Equity is a program designed in Java by one of our students. To run it you will need to have Java Runtime Environment which you can download it from the link below:


1. Download and install Java

2.  After you download and install Java, restart your PC.

3. Download and extract Uhlvar Equity archive. You can do this with Winrar or 7-zip (Free)


4. Double click Uhlvar Equity and it should run(see image below). If not move to step 5.


5. If the app doesn't start or it doesn't look as the image above, right click UhlvarEquity.jar and select Properties >> then click the Change button next to Opens With (see image below)


6. From the new pop-up window select More Apps and then Java (TM) Platform SE Binary or something similar.

7. Click OK , then Apply. Now you can run the app correctly.



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