What is the difference between CFP Special Forces and CFP 6-max Crusher

CFP 6-max Crusher

This program is for anyone who wants to become a professional poker player, so that's why is required that students play 160 h/month. 
In terms of materials, in the Crusher program, the user gets access to the Crusher Bootcamp, and if he plays the required hours, he gets into a smaller skype group with other grinders and the coach.

There are 3 coachings per week for that group.  The contract amount is 60,000€. Also, whoever joins has to pay a security deposit in the amount of 500€ which will be returned to the student after the profit target is reached. 

All the additional requirements can be found on the screenshot: 



CFP Special Forces


The requirements are not so fierce as in the crusher program: 5,000€ contract with a safe deposit in the amount of 500€, that will be returned at the end of the contract term. The student has to reach 300h of playing by the end of 12 months after enrollment to not risk being removed from the program and lose access to the materials and live webinars.

With CFP SF students gets access to 3-4 webinars per week. Also, they get to access to the same strategy material (Main Course) as 6-max Academy users.


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