How to Discuss and Share Hands in 2020+

In this article we want to share with you how you can easily share hands and discuss them with your coaches and friends on messenger apps and social media.
- The old way: Copy paste raw HH into a hand converter, then use poker forum. But things have changed and poker discussion moved toward live coaching and messenger apps
- The new way:
A) Take a screenshot and share it
1. For Hand2Note, already built-in function, no other program needed. Click get link then Copy link and that's it. hand2note_how_to_copy_share_link.png
2. For PokerTracker or Hold'em Manager you will need an additional program like Gyazo, Greenshot, etc to take a screenshot and share the hand.
B) Record the hand (Gyazo premium, alternative options). 
For this, you will need Gyazo premium or similar software that can give you sharing link. ( or viewyard)
C) How to share a hand history played from your Phone or Tablet
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